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Blog Monogamy (Moblogamy?)

April 27, 2010

I often think of starting a second, third, fourth…hundredth blog. After all, I do have many other interests besides just the whole writing thing. I wouldn’t mind having a spot to post pictures of my crafty endeavors, for instance, or a place to discuss food, wine, recipes, and eating. Mmm, eating.

There are also about a million blogs about writing already in existence, and they all seem to say pretty much the same things: keep at it, write every day, read books, promote yourself.  (This is not to say that a food or crafts blog would be unique. There are about a million of those, too. However, not everyone has ALL THREE. Maybe tack on another blog about my plans for world domination. Or maybe it would be better if I didn’t share those with you mortals just yet… Perhaps once I’ve finished conquering everyone I’ll go for it, though. I can have  a nice little “Minion of the Week” spot on there as an incentive to my lackeys…but once again, I digress.)

In any case, I read a lot of other blogs about freelancing and a lot of them say that trying to maintain more than one blog stretches the blogs’ author too thin. Then again, many other sites tell me that being able to write about more than one thing is good, as it provides a more well-rounded picture of my writing skills to potential clients.  This is particularly poignant to me as I feel that most clients are probably not that interested in reading ABOUT writing; they want to see that I can write about lingerie, or cameras, or how evil and bizarre Hello Kitty is, or whatever it is that their blog is about.

Apparently there are ways around this dilemma, so that a writer can have her cake and then blog about how good it was, too. One of the most common solutions is to guest write on someone else’s blog. Another way around the problem of “being spread too thin” (which is a horrible phrase, btw. It makes me feel like a human-shaped log of butter…) is to maintain a bunch of blogs and blog on a schedule. So I would write this blog every day at noon and then proceed to the knitting blog at one, and so on.

For now, though, I’ll keep to just this one blog for the same reason that I didn’t start blogging at all for many, many years. I feel like extra blogs would distract me even further from other writing. I’m already using this one as a procrastination station, as a break from my non-fiction work when my brain feels tired and numb. And frankly, as much as I enjoy being snarky and silly and writing about random things, and as much as it IS possible that further blogging could net me other jobs, I’d rather concentrate on the writing that PAYS ME NOW.

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