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Freelance is Not Equal to Free Time

April 1, 2010

So in a former blog I complained about being told that I need to pay my dues and get my name out there. There’s a whole other school of phrases about my chosen profession, however, that drives me crazier still.

“Oh, you have free time to do (blank), right?”

“You just freelance, so you can take time off whenever you want.”

“Hi, Greer, I called you because I know you’re not busy…”

No. No, technically speaking I am just as committed to a daily schedule as someone who works a nine to five. I can choose to take time off. If I do that, I have to make up the time, just like someone who works a nine to five. I have to work evenings and weekends if I take time off during the week. If I go away for a week of vacation, I have to double my production the next week to catch up. It’s my choice, however, if I want to do this to myself.  It’s unfair for others to assume that I can do stuff for them or listen to them yammer on the phone for hours during the time when I should be working.

I am not the world’s most disciplined person. It is not easy for me to show up at the computer every day and do my work. I have to force myself to do it. Having someone belittle what I do by assuming that my time is less valuable than theirs  does not help me to stay focused and disciplined. It’s bloody hard enough already without people telling me that I’m “not really working” or “just a freelancer.” The title of this blog is what is it is for a reason. My work is not easy. It brings me a lot of satisfaction, but it also causes me a lot of grief.

Please do not add to my grief. I am not JUST a freelancer. I am a totally awesome freelance web content specialist, and anyone who says otherwise might be eating their words along with their own nose.

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