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Like Sharks

March 23, 2010

A friend of mine mentioned Script Frenzy to me the other day. I think I’ll probably do it, if only for shits and giggles with my writer buddy. To be honest, that NaNoWriMo novel will probably languish forever on my hard drive. I hate it, in a good way. It’s like that ugly clay pot I made in art class in elementary school. I don’t really want to look at it, but it exists in my mind as an accomplishment.

I looked at the site and for a moment I thought I might write a play. I’d actually kind of like to write one WELL, though, and also I think the whole process will be more entertaining for me if there are explosions and computer generated purple warthogs in it. So a screenplay it will be.

I know very little about how to format such a beast, but thankfully I can look at their guide and maybe read a screenplay or two.¬† It will be fine. Fine. I can write non-fiction during the day, break in the early evening to have a life, and then write for a while at night. A hundred pages is nothing. I’ve written far more than that in less time. And it doesn’t have to be good, or make sense, or not have computer generated purple warthogs in it. It will be fine.

The site tells me that I should go around telling my friends and family my plot and character ideas. As if they don’t listen to me talk about grey goo and Japanese demons and lawn gnomes enough. That aside, I would totally follow the advice if there was a plot, but there isn’t one yet. I have nine days and total freedom to do whatever stupid, aimless characterization and plotting I wish. Knowing that this will suck from the outset means there can be vampires AND pirates AND aliens in it. Also the warthogs, of course.

I’m thinking the process will yield a few blogs, as well, so all in all I’ll learn something new and have something fun to write about. I’m kind of excited about it, actually: I’ve been feeling a little burnt out on hours of research lately, and my job has barely begun!

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