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Like Falling Off A Blog

January 22, 2010

For a long time in my so-called career, I’ve avoided the blogosphere like the plague for a few reasons. First, in my young and foolish days, I rather idiotically posted a number of original works to my Myspace page, only to find out later that publishers don’t want to print things that appear on your Myspace page. There’s something about that Tom guy they just don’t like. Second, I find that the majority of blogs are similar to a journal or diary, and again, in the old days, that’s what mine was too. I would waste hours waxing lyrical about my favorite topic – me – and spend no time whatsoever working on serious writing projects. I told myself, I am writing. But it sure as hell wasn’t getting me anywhere. Third, I read in a very reputable science publication that the blog was on its way out. That professionals were no longer using them, that teenagers and old ladies were finding new ways to gossip and share adorable pictures of pets wearing clothes (Twitter, anyone?).

So why am I jumping on the blog train now?

I had a bit of a wake-up call concerning blogging the other day when I was looking for freelance jobs. I’m an avid knitter these days (yes, I know that seems like a non sequitur, but wait for it) and so I was excited when I happened across a job posting for a craft blogger. Cool, I thought, I can do that. I checked the specifics of the job and alas! They wanted someone with two years of blogging experience. So the simple answer to my above question is that I want to be able to bid on freelance blogging positions.

It turns out my past attitude towards the blogging community was somewhat misinformed. I did not realize that a blog is not for self-publishing (unless what you’re looking for is a nice ego-stroking and not publication and a writing career).  I didn’t really comprehend that a blog doesn’t have to be a personal diary (and thus kind of a waste of time). What a blog IS is a way for me to represent my writing talent to the world. Look at all this shiny talent, world! Bask in it, absorb it, admire it…

Now pay me to write for you.

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